Month: November 2013

Antelope of sorts

Antelope of sorts

Drawn from memory after looking through pictures of different deer, antelope, and bison skulls. Antelope make me think of grasslands. I spent a few good summers working on prairie restoration projects around Kane county, IL. There really is nothing like the grasslands, the soundtrack of millions of birds and insects. It really buries you especially when the grass grows 8 feet tall. No Antelopes on my Illinois prairies, but this drawing takes me there anyway.

A plate of warblers

A plate of warblers

This would be my very first blog post ever. Given such, it’s probably best I start with a bird drawing. I plan on using this medium to share my expierences with the subjects of science, art, literature, and music. (Birds,drawings of birds, good books and the Grateful Dead). Welcome to my tiny corner of the internet. Thanks for stopping by.