Hollow Hawk

Hollow Hawk

I’ve worked on this one throughout the week. Finishing it this afternoon. My soundtrack was the Grateful Dead from the County Coliseum in El Paso, TX 11/23/73. Click the picture for a link to a soundboard copy of the show.

I made a Barn owl in a similar fashion a few months back, I liked that result so I went for a raptor. I title it as a hawk, but it has more golden eagle traits.

Something I enjoy about both drawing birds and listening to music (Grateful Dead) is there is a deep well of inspiration.
Raptors and song birds, dead shows from 73 or 89.
warblers and crows, Dead from the Cow Palace in 74.
You get the point.

I frequent Archive.org a lot largely for Grateful Dead family bands but also I find new bands all the time.

Sun so hot, clouds so low, the eagles filled the sky…


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