All I know is something like a bird within her sang

All I know is something like a bird within her sang

I took the dirt-jump bike out to my jumps by the railroad tracks. Its a great spot for riding and birding. I saw a great big red-tail (Buteo jamaicensis) up in a tree. Noted in my brains notebook some traits for a drawing I’m planning.
I struggled in high school art class because we were graded on our planning. 10 years later it’s my favorite part, ok well I enjoy it a lot. besides I’m not sure riding a bike off a jump can count at planning artwork.

The book in the Photo is by Donald and Lillian Stokes. they have a number of field guides all with great photos. the warbler one has been a big help for me with these warbler plates.
My other go-to book was originally published in 1966. A Guide to Field Identification: Birds of North America. It’s an illustrated guide, vs. a photographic one. The mix of illustrations and photos helps me make the transition of real life to pencil, ink, and color.

My goal over the last few months my “plan” for what to do with bird drawings has changed. A whole guide to all the birds, or just some? While i like the idea of drawing every bird i have to be honest with myself. there’s a couple of things to consider like 1: there are over 900 species of birds of North America. Yeah that’s the big one, and I’m not too entirely stoked to draw the 200 some waterfowl or shore birds. While of course I appreciate them as a naturalist but I find drawing them is well just not that exciting. So for the moment I’m assembling a guide to warblers of North America.

….And a lot of raptors on the side.

and a Loon. (That’s my one favorite waterfowl).

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  1. Planning is a big part of making furniture, too. An important part. Skimp on planning and it always shows up in the end. Looking forward to watching the warblers progress…

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