In the end there’s just a song comes crying like the wind.

A Red-shoulder Hawk flying above.

A Red-shoulder Hawk flying above.

I finished these two birds this evening while enjoying some music. The flying raptors have been a very rewarding challenge. It has helped me be more observant and disciplined. The Mocking Bird has been a long time favorite bird of mine from when I first moved to California. There was one always parked in the bushes outside my window and would go off in song at any hour. I can see why that would drive a lot of people nuts, but I was so amused by his ability to sing for 5 minutes and never repeat himself. I’ve been sketching them for a few years and finally got one down on cold-press board that I feel is up to the task.

Mocking Bird stands defiant.

Mocking Bird stands defiant.


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