The deeds were done and done again as my life is done in Watermelon Sugar

My life in Watermelon Sugar

My life in Watermelon Sugar


I took a short (week long) break from the warbler/raptors project to make a tribute of sorts to one of my favorite books. This landscape is inspired by Richard Brautigan’s “In Watermelon Sugar”. A short story that paints a tragedy with the greatest beauty.

I’ve developed a little habit of only writing the date on an illustration when its finished. I’ll sign my initials when the pen work is done but never date it until its finished. I started this landscape in 2013, but finished the color tonight. So we’ll call it my first of 2014.

My favorite part of 2013 being over is that I don’t have to write the number 13 anymore as it always looks like a “B”.

Happy 2014 and thank you for stopping through to look at my art, and I wish you all the very best.

I think I’ll draw you some birds this year.

The Watermelon Sugar process.

The Watermelon Sugar process.


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