Ain’t it just like the night…

We create and destroy. I walked to the bookstore at dusk. Everybody I passed had their eyes on a screen. Disconnected. It brought me back to an afternoon.

She was putting her coat on in the hallway, annoyed by something but no intent to share with me what was the root. It was February and snowing. I didn’t speak a word and she walked out every door.  All I could do was turn the blinds.

Tonight walking home from the bookstore, my eyes trapped by the pages of the book I had found. A series of photographs of Barn Owls, I walked right into a telephone pole. Hard enough to drop the book and laugh out loud. I hope somebody saw that and got a laugh too. We owe the earth that much maybe. To drop your book to the ground and laugh.

I’ve been laying out more drawings on 1/8″ craft plywood. A Red-shouldered Hawk and a Zone-tailed Hawk.

Not new subject species here but a real fine thing to put to page so why on earth or sky not?





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