Something different (But in all honesty quite the same)

I went for a good 20 mile mountain bike ride today by myself into the hills outside town.
I saw a number of Scrub Jays and two great Red-tailed hawks.
I believe we have established by now my fascination with the various birds of prey.
When I got home I cooked what would be my approach to steak tacos.
It’s a wonder how I could manage to destroy such a simple meal but cooking is another story for me. When I’m on I’m on. When I’m off, well, something usually gets burnt…
The internet connection has been patchy at best lately so I decided I would do myself a favor and venture out and work somewhere like a coffee shop.
I say favor because I’m not usually quick to go to public places like that alone. I find that I am most comfortable off of the pavement. It’s a good idea to do something outside your usual comfort zone, or so they tell me.
I will say It was nice to get out of the house and hear new sounds other than the freight trains outside my window. I walked to a café on Garden St. I ordered an Ice Chamomile tea to combat the days caffeine and sugar water. (That works right?) I brought this pencil hawk with me and as I sat I translated it to pen.
 I brought my headphones, but only listened to them for a bit. I was finding the new change of background noise to be interesting enough to listen to while falling into the drawing.
The lighting was shit, the table unlevel, and without my amplifier I was unable to play music through my headphones at a terribly unhealthy level.
That being said, it did me some good to get out of the rut of my home studio and try something different.
Even if when I was finished drawing I went straight home and baked French fries…
I’ll try again in a week or three…


  1. Wonderful drawing! I look forward to seeing more you post!
    Best Wishes,

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