Thoughts on May in March.

I remember the first time I saw a Bluebird I was with my Father at a prairie plot in Northern Illinois. It was ages ago, But I can still recall his delight in spotting that bird on a fence line one afternoon in May. He pointed it out and fast forward some 20 years and that delight is shared quite regularly. Thanks Dad.
Painting Bluebirds while sitting on a chair in Oakland, CA.
Penciled last night while watching cartoons and eating junk food.

Penciled last night on 1/8 inch birch plywood.

My Dad once told me "Home is where you are."

My Dad once told me “Home is where you are.”

Winds welcomed me to the East Bay

Learning the whole big city thing. I enjoy it more than I expected I would.
Slowly unpacking boxes and hanging posters in the new room. I’ve done a few watercolors since I’ve been here, but I felt it was time for a big sheet of 1/8″ plywood and a large scale project. Sort of my own personal housewarming gift/activity.
I’ve been keeping my truck one town over where there’s better parking options so I walked the mile and a half to the lumber yard. I got a great piece of Mahogany 1/8″ plywood for $10.
It turns out 7X3 foot sheets are easier to carry in my mind than real life. While I walked the blocks back home through Oakland the wind would catch me like a sail and try and throw me into traffic.
I found the whole thing with laughter in my eyes. To walk home with a page so large I almost flew away.
I cut a section off, 3X2 feet for this first Hawk. The remaining larger piece I will start the pencil work for this week.