Winds welcomed me to the East Bay

Learning the whole big city thing. I enjoy it more than I expected I would.
Slowly unpacking boxes and hanging posters in the new room. I’ve done a few watercolors since I’ve been here, but I felt it was time for a big sheet of 1/8″ plywood and a large scale project. Sort of my own personal housewarming gift/activity.
I’ve been keeping my truck one town over where there’s better parking options so I walked the mile and a half to the lumber yard. I got a great piece of Mahogany 1/8″ plywood for $10.
It turns out 7X3 foot sheets are easier to carry in my mind than real life. While I walked the blocks back home through Oakland the wind would catch me like a sail and try and throw me into traffic.
I found the whole thing with laughter in my eyes. To walk home with a page so large I almost flew away.
I cut a section off, 3X2 feet for this first Hawk. The remaining larger piece I will start the pencil work for this week.

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