Birds and Sisters.

I don’t think there’s anyone who’s rabidly staring at their screen waiting for news of what I’m drawing next. Honestly anybody who follows this corner of the internet can make a safe bet, it’ll be some birds. That’s good.

And when I mention music more often (9 times out of 10) it’s a Grateful Dead note of some sort. While I still intend to deliver your next warbler painting I’d also like to much more directly mention a music group who I think is worth singing from the roof top, or in my case writing by way of the internet tubes while sitting on a bird drawing chair in California.

The T Sisters are a group from Oakland, CA. I saw/heard  them for the first time a month ago at the Fillmore in San Francisco. I don’t like labeling music (warblers are hard enough), but they take me to a place like a modern Carter Family, that pulls from a deep well of Mo-town soul. That being said they certainly have their own very unique approach that stands on it’s own top shelf. Three very strong voices on their own come together to weave a delightful story of music from yesteryears and tomorrow. And do not let me forget the strong instrumental accompaniment found on their records. Really just top notch through and through.

I think what I like most is the roots of family sew into the songs. It’s hard for me to explain to somebody how I can be so close with my family but live thousands of miles away. Their songs come closer than I ever could.

I could ramble on for another good while but i’ll do us all a favor and just tell you what you need to know

A wise man once told me that the beauty of art is the only thing left that can save the world. Whether or not the world needs saving, do your ears and heart a solid one and check them out.



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