How to carry maps in bicycle baskets.

Or better, what to do with them when you get home. (If it stayed in the basket).

I picked up this map then I learned about some new-to-me warblers from every continent (besides that super cold one). And I put them to page one after another. It was a nice Sunday afternoon of records on the old Victrola and the window open for the wind to get in and make some pages dance.

Oh and for you folks keeping score at home:

1. Asia: Lanceolated Warbler

2. Australia: Spectacled Warbler

3. North America: Yellow-Rumped Warbler

4. South America: Rufous-Capped Warbler

5. Europe: Grasshopper Warbler

6. Africa: Melodious Warbler

drawing new borders?

drawing new borders?



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