At it again (again).

Looking for inspiration on a Monday night. If I scroll through the bands on my ipod, I usually land on the letter G.

Looking for the light on a Monday night.

I’ve been tripping over this one outlined in pencil for a couple days. Tonight I picked it up again and put some pen marks on it. Its sort of a California Thrasher, but I also see some Cuckoo in there too. That’s the fun with the pen lines here.

Like finding former presidents or cartoon characters in the clouds above…or maybe not.

A California Thrasher and a Grateful Dead tape from fall '89.

A California Thrasher and a Grateful Dead tape from fall ’89.

If I could, I’d give you the world in its own wings.

In July I had completed my first large (2’x4′) hawk drawing on plywood when it occurred to me, I could put words into the wings. The question I had was, what words?
It seemed Two words would be the best place to start. A word for each wing. Ok that was easy enough, but which two words?
So I thought it over for a few months. It got pushed to the back burner for a while.
Other interesting projects came and went across my drawing desk.
A recent voyage across the United States, took me from California, to Denver, to the prairies of northern Illinois.
I met my newborn Nephew, and forged many great new connections. I also connected with the roots from which I grew.
I was standing on the East bank of the Fox River, when the proper two words found me.
I didn’t bother to write them down, Instead with my mind I put them in my back pocket. Because I knew since they had arisen, they would never leave, or fall out of my pocket.
So I took the two words home with me back to California, where I put them into a hawks wings and let it go back into the world.
Thank you for the opportunity to share this with you. It absolutely means the world to me.

The crow won’t fly.

Crow sits on a pen drawn branch.

Crow sits on a pen drawn branch.

I made this with a couple pens the other evening. I had the radio on and it played a song I liked a long time ago.

I enjoying the crows I see around town. This morning on my way to work I watched one dropping a walnut from the power lines above into the street below. His crow friends were watching and chattering loudly. All eyeing up his bounty, waiting for a car to unlock the goods. As soon as it did all alliances were voided in the chase for survival. Such as the deeds are all ways done day to day, whether we see it or not.

I see a lot of human traits in the crows around here and everywhere I’ve traveled. They chase each other like children on a playground. Holler loudly at passer byers like a drunk down town. Stand stoic like a poet lost in thought.

They embody well the poems with wings I strive to pin down on a page. Black as the night, but full of color.

Crow’s treetop city

Crow's treetop city

A “throwback” from last December. A crow finds its nest has hatched a city. The crow has a sort of Audubon “wired” pose. As much as I enjoy working towards a “scientifically accurate” bird drawing. I find that its a lot of fun to just mess around and make a skyline where one isn’t.
Life is too short to be taken seriously, bird drawings included.