Falcons of the World: Orange-breasted Falcon

Falco deiroleucus.
This falcon is found from southern Mexico south to northern Argentina. But only in small and sporadic locations.
It’s a medium sized falcon with incredibly strong talons for catching birds in flight.
It prefers tropical lowlands and evergreens. Its plumage resembles that of the smaller relative, Bat Falcon (Falco rufigularis). So much that it’s difficult for biologists to confirm reported sightings of the rare bird.
Next up is a trip back to Africa to look at the Spotted Eagle Owl. Bubo africanus.
Thanks for looking at birds with me.

On the wing

A defining moment I can still see clearly after the years. When I was 9 my Dad took the family to Oregon to visit our Aunt. That was my first time on an airplane. I remember looking out the window at the clouds underneath us. It dawned on me then, that even on cloudy days, the sun was always shinning somewhere overhead.

That’s something I try to remember on the days when my piece of mind is cloudy or things just aren’t lining up.

Cheesy? sure, but just go look out the window.

A drawing made beneath the windowsill tonight.

A drawing made beneath the windowsill tonight.