Electric guitar skies


Utilized some new tools for this project. Using fluid acrylics and matte medium to aid in transparency. A slow-dry blending medium to create the sunburst effect. I cut up an old t-shirt into rags and rubbed the paint onto the plywood and over the pencil drawing.  I wanted a sky you could find on a vintage electric guitar.

The Zone-tailed hawk. Capturing it in a slightly more abstract fashion than previous raptor paintings in the last six months. I enjoyed the result of the pencil work, and dragged my feet before starting to paint it. It’s a large leap in technique for me to go from pencil to paint. Taking on each in such a different way, its a trial to imagine the change through mediums. Somehow again I pulled a bird out of a massive pile of black and purple paint. There are some more detailed parts left to paint, but the over-all shape is defined.