On the wing

A defining moment I can still see clearly after the years. When I was 9 my Dad took the family to Oregon to visit our Aunt. That was my first time on an airplane. I remember looking out the window at the clouds underneath us. It dawned on me then, that even on cloudy days, the sun was always shinning somewhere overhead.

That’s something I try to remember on the days when my piece of mind is cloudy or things just aren’t lining up.

Cheesy? sure, but just go look out the window.

A drawing made beneath the windowsill tonight.

A drawing made beneath the windowsill tonight.

The Earth will see you on through this time


If I had an angel it would be a Red-tailed Hawk. That is if I were to have a say in the matter.
Passing by the hours with a pen after a walk to the Grocery, were I crossed paths with an old mistake.
Fate twisted the knife in my side, never had I met somebody so good at making me feel my worst for trying my best. Humans are but that though.
None free from our own delights and pains.
And when I find that I’ve set myself lower than I should, I conjure up some lines on a page that will deliver me from, although briefly, all my trials.
And nothing more for shall I ever ask.