Raptors of the World: African Harrier-Hawk

African Harrier-Hawk or African Gymnogene. These large birds of prey are found in most regions south of the Sahara. They Feed on oil palm fruits, and uses its long double jointed legs to reach into dead trees and crevices to steal eggs or snatch at small mammals, reptiles, and insects. Also hunts from a perch or even walking on the ground. They build stick nests and lay 1-3 eggs per clutch. 

Afri Har Hawk

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Falcons of the World: Bat Falcon

The Bat Falcon Falco rufigularis.  These smaller falcons can often be found on a high perch in open woodlands. Hunting at dawn and dusk, taking bats, small birds, and flying insects like dragonflies. The smaller male takes mostly insects while the larger female takes more bats and birds. 


Their range is quite extensive from southern Mexico down south as far as Paraguay. Preferring tropical rainforest, woodlands, and occasionally semi-arid areas.


Thanks for looking at birds with me. 

Bat Falcon finalTEXT

Here’s a photo I took at Chicago’s Field Museum of their Bat Falcon specimen. Check out their hall of birds if you are ever in Chicago!