Elbow room

With out a doubt, my favorite part of mountain biking is the access it grants me to the areas around. In this case California’s central coast.

I do my best thinking with my feet off the pavement. These day trips help me put together thoughts and drawings on the page as well as sort a plan to be the best person I can.


Sunshine daydream

A shot from the field today.
After breakfast I set out on my mountain bike to go look for trouble (birds, bugs, snakes, and the like.)
Various trails and fire roads brought me to my favorite stretch of tracks in California.
While I didn’t spot too much of note, the sky was clear and the day was a fine one.
Back in the lab tonight brought an interesting take on a flying owl.
"Tell me all that you know,  I'll show you  Snow and rain..."

“Tell me all that you know, I’ll show you
Snow and rain…”