Well there ain’t no bugs on me…

Squash Bug.

Squash Bug.

A quick lunch break sketch from work today. the shapes for bugs are simple compared to a flying red-tail, but they have their own challenges. Like antennae shape and the legs. Insects are small for the most part and with that comes some detail difficulty.

A good thing, like the birds, I have the rest of my life to practice getting them on paper.

Mantis in the tall grass.


I was working in a prairie restoration project one day in the summer. 06 or 05, it was a typical humid July day and I don’t remember what seed I was after that day but in a stand of teasel I found a large (4″-6″) Praying Mantis. It looked at me with giant reddish eyes. Then before I had a chance to think it jumped at me and flew on wing inches over the top of my head. I fell over backwards startled and landed in a thistle patch. But I got a good look at her first and years later made this drawing.

Nobody told me those things can fly. They can.