You are the song that the morning brings.

Wake up to find out that you are the Owls of the World…

Another map and new birds learned for it. One thing I really enjoy with making these maps are the amount I learn about each bird from each region. Getting lost in the books and maps, studying color and detail and letting my imagination fill in the gaps.

I mapped these owls from a chair in Oakland California, the only thing close to an owl around is a plastic decoy I bought on amazon for $10 to entertain myself (and my niece via video chat).

I was able to find the owls with the great aid of a wonderful book of owl portraits. “Beautiful Owls, Portraits of arresting species.” by Marianne Taylor and Andrew Perris. via Ivy Press.

It’s a really a wonderful book that anyone who fancies owls should have. From studying for an art project or just simply to be amazed by their beauty it’s a spectacular book that brings these absolutely incredible and mysterious birds from every corner of the earth to your hands.

It's like book reports in 5th grade, except this one isn't about star wars.

It’s like book reports in 5th grade, except this one isn’t about star wars.

I almost forgot to tell you who’s Hoo….(see what I did there?)

North America: Snowy Owl

South America: Magellan Horned Owl

Europe: Tawny Owl

Africa: African Wood Owl

Asia: Western Siberian Eagle Owl

Australia: BooBook

Elbow room

With out a doubt, my favorite part of mountain biking is the access it grants me to the areas around. In this case California’s central coast.

I do my best thinking with my feet off the pavement. These day trips help me put together thoughts and drawings on the page as well as sort a plan to be the best person I can.


Here comes sunshine

I got out today on the bicycle for the first time since the rains came through. My knee healed up nice from my recent attempt at bicycle slip n’ sliding. The hills around were looking quite refreshed. I know the water table is still low, but it’s good to see some evidence we’re on the right track. At the very least I’m on the right track.



Over the hills

From a bicycle birding adventure a couple weeks ago. Since I’m currently sitting around with stitches in my knee from a bicycle mis-adventure. Looking back at some pictures from this fall. I’m excited to get out again soon and explore more California hills.



Sunshine daydream

A shot from the field today.
After breakfast I set out on my mountain bike to go look for trouble (birds, bugs, snakes, and the like.)
Various trails and fire roads brought me to my favorite stretch of tracks in California.
While I didn’t spot too much of note, the sky was clear and the day was a fine one.
Back in the lab tonight brought an interesting take on a flying owl.
"Tell me all that you know,  I'll show you  Snow and rain..."

“Tell me all that you know, I’ll show you
Snow and rain…”


Been here so long he’s got to calling it home

I’ve mentioned before my early fond memories of the night sky of Michigan’s upper peninsula. It captured my imagination early in my life. And throughout I’ve looked for ways to trap part of that beauty onto a page. While I held some successes and failures at that form. A good friend of mine has managed, with a wonderful success. He has repeatedly captured in his preferred medium that exact emotion that overcomes me when I tilt my head back on the right night.
 I first became friends with the human that is Mark Gvazdinskas, before I became friends with the artist that is Mark. Though it easily could have been the opposite, as they are both two sides to a righteous and honest coin of a man.
When I write that my friends and family do a great deal to inspire my work. One look through his portfolio will do justice to my words, and I’m confident inspire you as well.
Do explore his wonderful corner of the internet.